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Growing Organically Since 1976

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Our Capay Organic Farm

Organic and Sustainable to Our Roots

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Today, at our second-generation family farm, Capay Organic, we keep with our parents’ vision by practicing healthy crop rotation, encouraging a diverse ecosystem around the fields, efficiently using local water sources and carefully selecting produce varieties that grow well and taste great.

Join us in our original stone-fruit orchard as we talk about our mission to connect sustainable farms and nourish communities. Together we are changing our food system!
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Our hope is that the price Americans pay for food will someday reflect the real cost of producing it: the stewardship required to make sure that the land will remain fertile and productive, the health and benefits necessary to maintain an active labor force, a strong rural community, and a profit margin that will provide the incentive for people like us to spend every waking moment producing food and fiber for the rest.

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